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Peter Grenier Massachusetts

Bedford, NH


Peter Grenier of Massachusetts began working in the construction industry when he was sixteen years old. After three years of concrete foundation installation, Peter Grenier Massachusetts was promoted to Chief Engineer of the Historic Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, Massachusetts, where he has remained since. For the next three years, Peter Grenier Massachusetts worked for the company before starting his own construction company.

Peter Grenier of New Hampshire constructed six new single-family homes and carried out numerous repairs in the area. For four years, he worked in the Palm Beach – Ft. Lauderdale area, renovating and building new homes for people. The Wicked Good Woodworks firm was founded in 2011 by Peter Grenier of Massachusetts, who returned to his home state of New Hampshire to launch a cabinet and renovation business. He has been in charge of the organization for the previous eleven years. Peter Grenier of Massachusetts sells and installs cabinets, as well as renovates single and multi-family dwellings and constructs new construction homes. In his spare time, Peter Grenier New Hampshire enjoys golfing, boating, and jet skiing. He is a self-proclaimed “auto fanatic.”

Peter Grenier Massachusetts

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